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Gold Heart Charm Necklace With Mix Beads
SKU: HWJ0066
Gold Heart Charm Bracelet With Mix Beads
SKU: HWJ0068
Blue glass star stretch bracelet
SKU: HWJ0077
Silver Star studs
SKU: HWJ0083
Short star and blue glass necklace
SKU: HWJ0084
Double dot chain shell bracelet
SKU: HWJ0080
Silver Heart Studs
SKU: HWJ0082
Blue glass heart stretch bracelet
SKU: HWJ0079
Silver short simple heart necklace
SKU: HWJ0086
Bronze Beaded Bracelet with Heart
SKU: HWJ0022
Grey And Gold Beads Necklace With Tassels
SKU: HWJ0064
Grey And Gold Beads Bracelet With Tassels
SKU: HWJ0063
Navy And Silver Beads Necklace With Tassels
SKU: HWJ0062
Navy And Silver Bracelet Beads With Tassels
SKU: HWJ0061
Navy And Pink Bracelet With Silver Beads
SKU: HWJ0060
Navy And Pink Necklace With Silver Beads
SKU: HWJ0059
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