Summer Layering

If you're looking for an effortless way to accessorise this summer, layering is the way to go.

We've hand picked layered necklaces from each of our collections that will be sure to make your outfit complete. Whether you're going on holiday or staying local we've got something for you.


Kiel Necklace (£54), Harbour Collection

NE401_Kiel Necklace_2

The Kiel Necklace is 3 layered for maximum effect, making an understated statement, you could wear this day and night. Available in Silver and Gold.


Faith Necklace (£24), Heart Collection

NE415_Faith Necklace_3

Our 2 layered faith necklace is simple but stylish making it an everyday staple accessory. This piece is also available in Silver and Gold.


Tema Necklace (£49), Harbour Collection

NE402S_Tema Necklace

This single layered Tema Necklace acts as a duo function necklace, it can be doubled up allowing for a contemporary casual look. You can get this in Silver and Gold.


Drift Necklace (£49), Coastal Collection

NE409_Drift Necklace_5

The Drift Necklace is the ultimate edgy look if you're wanting to make a big impact this Summer, a great accessory if you're wanting to go all out. Available in both Silver and Gold.

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Tutti Team x