How to style Tutti & Co Square Scarves

For AW18 we have released a beautiful range of Square Scarves, perfect for creating your own individual style.

 There are many ways to style our Square Scarves, we wanted to give you a few ideas on how to wear yours…


Head Scarf

P1030771e1. Fold the corners of the scarf to form a triangle

2. Roll the base of the triangle inwards to form a long rectangle

3. Take the 2 ends and tie it around your head, ensuring it is underneath your hair

4. Secure the knot and tuck the ends in

5. Adjust to make sure the pattern is facing outwards


Hair Bun

Fave 2edited 1. Tie your hair into a ponytail using a bobble

2. Take the scarf and wrap it evenly around the bobble once

3. Separate your ponytail in half along with each end of the scarf

4. Twist your hair and the scarf together until tight

5. Pin your hair up into a bun to secure


Hair Tie


1. Fold the corners of the scarf to form a triangle with the pattern facing outwards

2. Tie into a loose knot and hold at the middle

3. Slide the knot through your ponytail until it reaches the top

4. Pull the knot tight to secure the scarf

5. Adjust to your style


Head Wrap

head wrap edited 2


1. Open the scarf out, fold it in half into a triangle and wrap it around your head with the base of the triangle at the back of your head

2. Separate both ends at the front and tie it in a knot, then begin to twist together

3. Once all the scarf is twisted, wrap it into a bun at the top of your head

4. Wrap the loose ends of the scarf underneath and secure with hair grips if needed


Neck Scarf


1. Tie the scarf around your neck

2. Adjust to make sure the pattern is facing outwards

3. Tie in a single or double knot, whichever style you prefer

4. Team with a simple shirt for a statement look




1. Fold the scarf into a long rectangle

2. Wrap around your wrist twice or three times over, get help to tie if needs be

3. Alternatively, if you have an ‘O’ ring you can wrap it around this

4. Once tied adjust to your own style, ensuring pattern is facing outwards


Belt Accessory


1. Pull on your jeans

2. Take one of the belt loops

3. Tie the scarf in a gentle but secure knot through the belt loop, ensuring the pattern is facing forward


Hair Plait


1. Tie your hair into a ponytail using a bobble

2. Wrap the scarf evenly around the bobble once

3. Plait your hair as normal but include the ends of the scarf

4. Once you’ve reached the end, secure with a bobble and took the scarf around the bobble to disguise it


Bag Accessory


1. Take your favourite bag

2. Pull the handle upright

3. Tie the scarf around the front handle of the bag

4. Adjust pattern to face outwards, and double knot to secure


Each of our Square Scarves comes with a free gift box, perfect for that special someone.


We would love to see how you style your Tutti & Co Square Scarves, so tag us in your photos on Instagram for a chance to be featured on our story! @tuttiandco

Tutti x